At the end of the year, it is time to make decisions that guarantee a quiet summer and why not, a whole 2016 of tranquility. One of these decisions should involve our housing loan, since the monthly fee we pay occupies a considerable space in the family budget.

So what should we do

money coins

The best gift that can be given at the beginning of the year or simply because you want to improve your finances is to make an advance payment of the kinlonin; that is, help reduce the amount you have left to pay. So a good option would be to decide to spend less on Christmas, take the CTS and gratification, collect everything and go to your bank to make an extra payment to your credit. Why not?

With the extra payment you can decide between reducing the number of kinlonin payments (if you were missing 60, now you would lack 55) or keep the term but reduce the monthly payment (if you used to pay 1200, you will now pay s / .850). Everything will depend on what you decide, but it will definitely bring you greater peace of mind with regard to this year’s expenses.

This measure also helps prevent a possible era of ‘skinny cows’, that is, we take advantage of the money we have now to ensure somehow the good payment of the kinlonin, and thus be able to calmly go to the bank to request some type of refinancing in In case we have a difficult situation to face.

Everything is in your hands

Remember to be responsible with your expenses and sometimes it is necessary to say ‘no’ to small tastes. Of course, the most important step also has to do with choosing the credit you need, if you have not already done so, do not forget that you can use Philip Marlowe’s home loan comparator .