At Good Finance you can borrow up to DKK 15,000. We have two loan options – credit and quick loans. You can easily compare the loan options by simply clicking on our loan calculator below. It is also under the loan calculator that you can fill out your application for a loan with us.

If this is your first time borrowing money from us, then the first 30 days of your loan period will be interest-free and fee-free. Our products are 100% transparent and you also do not need to provide documentation to borrow. This has also resulted in a high score on Good Lender.

  • Credit up to DKK 15,000 for 30 days interest-free
  • No need for paychecks
  • Simply apply with Good Finance ID
  • Quick and easy online application

It can be difficult to sit on your own and compare loans. It can also be a challenge, for example, to get a bank advisor to do so, as they usually want to have their own business interests in mind. Fortunately, you can make it easy and safe from home, using our loan calculator. Before you start your loan application, read more about comparing loans on this page.

  • How much does your loan cost?
  • When do you receive money?
  • How do you borrow?
  • What do other customers say?
  • How much can you borrow?
  • How long can you borrow?
  • Who can borrow?


When making a comparison of loans, the total cost of credit is one of the points you need to compare the various loan providers based on. The total cost of credit is the money you actually have to pay to borrow. The amount varies depending on how long you want to borrow the money and the amount you want to borrow.

You can regulate and investigate what the total credit cost is for your desired loan through our loan calculator. Here, note that the cost of the credit is just a set example and can easily become cheaper with a quick repayment. However, for both loans, the first month can be borrowed free of charge as a first-time borrower. So, overall, the total cost of credit can have a bearing on the choice of provider when making a loan comparison.



When comparing loans, payout time is a point worth taking into consideration. Here it is about how long it takes from you apply until you can have the money in the account. Before you use the point to compare loans, you must first settle on yourself, how important is it to you that the money comes right away? Here, with a quick loan, for legal reasons, it will take at least 48 hours before you can receive the money. With the credit, however, you will be able to receive the money on the same day. Read more about loan comparison here:

  • Loan Calculator Calculate what your loan will cost you through our loan calculator
  • Best Loans Through the loan calculator you will find the best loan for you
  • Loan OffersHos Good Finance offers some of the best loan deals on the market
  • Loan Opportunities Find the loan option that best suits you



When comparing loans, the time it takes to apply can also be important. How long does it take to apply? It varies with the different providers. At Good Finance you can apply for a 1 minute loan so the whole process goes easy and fast. This ensures, in case you are approved, that the money will be in your account faster.



A fourth point to consider when comparing loans is the different providers’ user reviews. A good way to evaluate the providers is through Good Lender. Here, former and existing customers have described and evaluated their experiences with the provider. The higher the score you get, the better the average of the experiences has been. At Good Finance we have a high trust pilot score of 8.6 out of 10 possible.



One point that may also be important in a comparison of loans is loan amount. Here you can look at how much and how little it is possible to borrow from the provider. The loan amount needed is of course an individual case. At Good Finance you can borrow up to 15,000 kr through our credit. The $ 15,000 can be borrowed for free as a first-time borrower if you pay back within 30 days.



When comparing loans, a maturity comparison can also be a point worth considering. The maturity compares how long you have to repay the loan. Here, there will be a difference whether it is a mortgage or a credit you want. Mortgages are characterized by a relatively short maturity. Conversely, we offer a loan through our credit where you have no fixed repayment date. So it’s up to you when you want to pay back. So the maturity can be very important, and certainly something to consider when making a loan comparison.


One point that is also important to consider when making a loan comparison is the requirements that are set for you as a borrower. Certain requirements may differ from provider to provider and therefore it is possible that there are providers you cannot borrow from. One of the requirements that may vary is the minimum age of the borrower. At Good Finance, our minimum age is 21 years, while at other providers it may be higher or lower. When we as loan providers set a minimum age, it is to help very young and inexperienced borrowers. Since you, as an 18-20 year old, do not have the great experience of having a personal finance and may not have complete control over what it entails to take out a loan, we have chosen a limit of 21 years. At Good Finance, we have a number of requirements that must be met before it is possible to borrow. However, the requirements are quite affordable and something most of the Danes can comply with. In addition to a minimum age of 21, our claim to Good Finance is as follows:

  • You must have a Good Finance ID
  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must have a Danish CPR no
  • You must have a Danish address
  • You must have an active email address
  • You must have a Danish telephone number
  • You must have a Danish bank account
  • You must be creditworthy by Good Finance

The different requirements of the providers are an important point when making a loan comparison.