Now you feel torn whether you should pay or not? Are you afraid of losing a credit opportunity?

We would like to encourage you to remain steadfast. If intermediaries request payment in advance, they have no good sign. You can start with a clear attempt to defraud without any regrets, but not with a real credit opportunity or a serious loan offer.

Prepayment credit – fraud with announcement

Prepayment credit - fraud with announcement

Two different models are typical for credit with prepayment. The emotions of the prospective borrower are addressed, in personal discussions or simply by post. Often very desperately for people looking for credit, a dubious provider of loan hope pretends. Either pressure is used as an argument to make the payment or curiosity.

The supposed credit provider creates pressure through clear announcements that move the supposed credit far away. “If you don’t pay, you won’t take advantage of your credit opportunities. Bad luck the next one will be happy about his chance ”. The other variant – curiosity leaves more room for follow-up business in the “gray market”. The loan application or “important” documents will be sent cash on delivery.

Curiosity leads to payment. In this case, the subsequent “processing time” leaves enough time to sell insurance quickly. This means that the prepaid loan not only reaches for illegal benefits, but also makes use of the (immoral, but) legal area. The likelihood that such a constellation will become a real credit opportunity is always zero!

Real and unfair loan offers – advertising

Real and unfair loan offers - advertising

Unfortunately, fraudsters are not easy to identify at first glance. Your homepage is set up professionally. Customer ratings and seals of approval are likely to even praise the provider for its excellent help. The seals are not necessarily fictitious. Ratings can be manipulated, even from very serious portals. To publish a positive review quickly 20 times a day is what a secretary does.

The only sure signs of recognizing fraudsters and exploiters are the credit with prepayment and additional offers. If the intermediary wants to sell insurance or investment without the credit already in the account, it becomes suspect. Any additional payment obligation significantly reduces credit opportunities. A savings contract can serve as security for a loan in 20 years if the savings model is secure.

Insurance, including credit insurance, reduces the disposable income to pay the monthly installments. The less money the household bill shows as a surplus, the less real credit opportunities become. Our advice stays away from all additional products from the gray market unless the requested loan is definitely in the checking account. Credit with prepayment is prohibited by law and a clear attempt to defraud.

Real credit with bad credit

There are real loans that can be approved even with poor credit ratings. Reputable providers, be it as an intermediary or a credit bank, will never require payment in advance. In seriously formulated credit advertising, special credit is not touted as a panacea for every financial imbalance. Special credit with poor credit ratings is always reserved for handpicked borrowers. Identifiable credit risks cannot always be offset by higher interest rates.

Any legally operating credit institution in Europe may only grant borrowers credit that is considered to be secure from an economic point of view. Neither loans without credit bureau from abroad nor the loan from a bank from within make any difference. Only the credit assessment procedures differ from the credit checks for regular loans. In addition, certain loan models, such as short-term loans, can be granted despite higher risks.

Credit with prepayment for over-indebted people, loans without a secure income, despite EV or despite impending bankruptcy, are fictitious. Even with a loan without credit bureau for Germans from abroad, by the way, the only current provider is Astro Finance, incalculable risks would be taken. Serious, secure repayment ability must always be proven.

Credit risks, such as garnishment of wages or disproportionately high debts, preclude credit requests. Difficult cases can be solved. Not hopeless cases. Credit cannot be enforced by paying in advance or by taking out any insurance. Only a proven creditworthiness qualifies for the loan.

Credit brokerage without prepayment – serious credit help

Credit brokerage without prepayment - serious credit help

It is often the case that “hopping” to various credit intermediaries leads to the bottom line of offering credit with prepayment. Overall, it is a good handful of loan providers who actually give serious loans with poor credit ratings. The same commercial loan providers for special loans practically appeal to credit intermediaries. The bottom line is that the thesis is confirmed: if a reputable mediator cannot help, neither can anyone else.

Excluding the hopelessness of hopping, only the private loan remains. Private investors, such as those found via Cream bank or Best bank, often concentrate on a specific loan portal. In addition, the credit portals are designed for different risks. Cream bank rather appeals to the broader mass of credit offers with poor credit ratings.

Investing through Best bank interests more investors who are willing to accept a higher credit risk. Trying a difficult loan request on both portals can lead to success. Hopping between classic credit brokers, on the other hand, does not result from hopelessness, but unfortunately leads to credit with prepayment.